10-1 Revisited: A Year of Austin's New Government

Paul M. Saldaña, Principal, Saldaña Public Relations participates in a panel discussion with KLRU’s Civic Summit to revisit Austin’s new City Council 10-1 election system.

Examine Austin’s first year of geographic representation in this townhall conversation. It’s been one year since Austin voters overhauled the city’s government and spliced the city into 10 geographic districts. With a year of governing under their belts, what has the council learned? How has the city changed?


It takes courage to talk about racism. So let's be a courageous community.  
In March, on KLRU-TV, Austin PBS's Decibel, we are shining the light on Austin's racial divide. We begin with an open, honest conversation with community leaders and a look at ways to take action. 

Many thanks to Paul Saldaña, Austin TexasDenise D. HernandezKristina Brown of Counter Balance: ATXKevin Michael Foster, & Miriam Conner for their time participating in this panel.